The Sedian Nation

The RigsThing is more than an official registry of Clans. It is the foundation of The Sedian Nation. We provide a blueprint for families and Kin to establish a living tradition that can be passed down from generation to generation while connecting individuals and families to local Asatru communities.

Our ultimate goal is the dissemination of authentic Northern European spirituality, religion and culture. We are committed to re-establishing the legacy of family, clan and tribe.

In-order to re-establish real ties to the legacy of our ancestors, we believe it is important to build from the bottom up (i.e. the family unit). This will allow us to pass down a living tradition to the future generations that has meaning for each person and family involved. We are following the tradition of the Northern European Folk, handed down to us through the ages. We have based the current process of the RigsThing and the establishment of clans upon the historical and religious research provided by the  Norroena Society  regarding the make up and organizational structure of our forefather’s clan systems.  You can learn more about this process by studying the Aettarsbook.

Rebirthing A Nation

It is part of who we are, a part of our DNA as Europeans with a proud heritage that once centered around the formation of families into Clans, Clans into Tribes, and Tribes into Nations. Our people were tribal, and expressed their religion through their tribal culture. When they sought to distinguish themselves from others as groups, the family (kyn– kindred or hús–house) would unite with other families to form a Clan (Ætt), which would then join with other Clans to form a Tribe or Nation (þjóð, related to Germanic theudanoz, from which Teuton is derived). These Nations contained tribal names, ultimately derived from those of Clan elders or chieftains, many of which survive today in the names of European countries. England got its name from the Angles and one Angli, Denmark gets its name from the Danes and one King Dan, France from the Franks and King Frank, while Sweden was originally named Sviþjod, “The Nation of the Svi,” and its earliest king, Svidur. The modern existence of such an ancient institution is a testament to its profound significance as a hallmark of our ancestral belief system.

Heraldry is a representation of ones familial bonds. The signs and symbols all represent and identify the family or clan and the history of their ancestral roots.

Why Join RigsThing?

Connect To The Larger Tribe

The number one objective of the Rigs Thing is to re-assimilate our folk across the globe and re-establish the glory of our culture, to bring back our traditional and native belief systems and provide the tools and resources so every member and family unit can build a legacy for the future of our people.


Spiritual Development

The foundation of Rigs Thing is the recognition of our spiritual connection to our ancestors and the Gods & Goddesses of our folk. We believe that culture is unique to every group of people, and that our culture is firmly rooted in the history and spiritual development as one homogenous people.

Education And Training

Rigs Thing is not a social club, but rather an organization with purpose, spiritual beliefs and the resources to teach and bring together our folk as one Sedian Nation. By joining, we will provide a step-by-step process on reclaiming your family identity and connecting this to the larger tribe abroad.

Become A Part Of Our Rebirth!

Are you an individual looking to connect to your roots? Are you already part of a clan or kindred looking to connect to the larger tribe? If you answered yes to either of these questions and if you have a belief in our Northern European Gods & Goddesses, we encourage you to join RigsThing!

In today’s day and age it is of extreme importance to educate and awaken our folk to their origins and protect the legacy that we are building for the future. For centuries our folk underwent a forced reeducation of religion and culture, it is now time to reclaim that hidden and forgotten legacy and unite as one Sedian Nation.

RigsThing is not here to replace the identity of existing clans, kindreds or other Asatru organizations; in fact, we recognize the importance of individual traditions within these structures. Our purpose is to provide the blueprint for the unification of our folk and to facilitate our rebirth as one homogenous people again.

If you are ready to get involved and/or want to learn more about what you can do (individuals or organizations), be sure to fill out our contact form by clicking the button below.